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Milwaukee Succeeds Staff

Danae Davis, Executive Director
414.336.7057, ddavis@milwaukeesucceeds.org

Dave Celata, Deputy Director
414.336.7077, dcelata@milwaukeesucceeds.org

Lorna Dilley, Data Manager
414.336.7024, ldilley@milwaukeesucceeds.org

Tim Coughlin, Goal 1 Manager
414.263.8152, tcoughlin@unitedwaymilwaukee.org

Audrey Borland, Goal 2 Manager
414.336-7038, aborland@milwaukeesucceeds.org

Jonathan Dunn, Goal 3 Manager
414.336.7073, jdunn@milwaukeesucceeds.org

Catina Harwell-Young, Goal 4 Manager
414.915.8462, catina@centerforyouthengagement.org

Kia Patterson, Administrative Assistant
414.336.7036, kpatterson@milwaukeesucceeds.org

Linda Velasco , Administative Assistant
414.336.7034, lvelasco@milwaukeesucceeds.org

Ari Everts, SEL Coordinator

Mimi Jackson, Community Engagement Coordinator

Eric Lequesne, Data Coordinator

Connor Morris, Opportunity Youth Coordinator

Jami Racette, Project and Evaluation Coordinator


101 W. Pleasant St., Suite 210 Milwaukee, WI 53212 Milwaukee, WI 53212

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