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Free APPLICATION for federal student aid (fafsa) Challenge Effort

Since March 2016, community members, including representatives from K-12 schools, from institutions of higher education, and from youth-serving organizations have come together to develop a plan to support you and your students for greater FAFSA completion. MPS representatives, including school counselors and others, have been instrumental in developing the plan. We are working now to begin the implementation of this effort. You will be instrumental in helping to embed this effort into school culture, and we thank you for your leadership.

The Toolkit Includes:

  • A lesson plan that a teacher can use to teach financial literacy and starting the FAFSA process.
  • A list of partners that are available to come in to teach a lesson on financial literacy and starting the FAFSA within a classroom.
  • Ideas about utilizing the school/regional/city-wide existing FAFSA events.
  • Other items which include: Dates of FAFSA events, a sheet for tricks/tips for helping parents, a sheet for how to calculate the true cost of college, a list of common errors on the FAFSA, etc.

Download the FAFSA TOOLKIT (PDF)

FAFSA PowerPoint Overview: a one-hour targeted presentation that shares the focus for the FAFSA Challenge Effort. This includes an overview of the FAFSA process and existing resources to assist in this effort. The outcomes are listed below:

We will…

  • Discuss how to embed FAFSA completion into high school culture.
  • Strengthen your knowledge so you can promote FAFSA awareness and completion by your students and parents.
  • Share the changes in the application process and timeline.
  • Share the developed resources to support parents in this process.
  • Explore possible resources for you to promote FAFSA completion.

Download the FAFSA Lunch and Learn Presentation (Final).pptx

For more information contact, Kathy Munson, Project Manager at kathymunson@wi.rr.com

FAFSA Process

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