• College and career readiness

    College and career readiness


Snapshot for MKE-S Post Secondary Goal (Goal Three):

Milwaukee Succeeds post-secondary goal is advancing efforts to increase career/college access & success by building a strong foundation for partners to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate their resources, knowledge, and programming to support increased degree attainment.

Our Community Goal: Ensure All Young People Utilize Post-secondary Education or Training to Prepare for a Career.

The work on the ground...the three broad strategies for Post-secondary Access and Success:

  • Communities of Practice, focused on Access, Success, and now, Opportunity Youth, these communities are opportunities for collaborative inquiry where practitioners can be engaged in active learning, based on their own questions, resulting in improved practice and impact for Milwaukee youth.
  • Cross-Institutional Work Groups, made up of our network partners, these work groups are opportunities for cross-institutional collaboration to create and implement strategies that address specific current barriers to post-secondary access/success. Current areas of focus for our cross-institutional work groups include: reducing summer melt into post-secondary, increasing FAFSA completion, supporting multi-age academic & career planning, and helping students successfully completing a post-secondary education program.
  • Alignment and/or Coordination, with other collaborative initiatives in Milwaukee – in order to reduce overlapping efforts and time drain for folks representing their institution in each initiative.

Framework for Collaboration

The work that has been funded

  • Milwaukee Succeeds also supported a math remediation project this summer in partnership with M Cubed.
  • Innovative Summer Math Program Accelerates MPS Students’ Readiness for College. With support from the Funders’ Collaborative of Milwaukee Succeeds, and in collaboration with M3, over 300 MPS students enrolled in either MATC or UWM had the opportunity to participate in an innovative summer program this year aimed at improving their readiness for college math. Successful completion of math remediation in a student’s first year increases the likelihood that the student will successfully complete a degree by four-fold. Making college accessible, accelerating learning, reducing time to degree and associated costs for students is a mutual goal for both M3 and Milwaukee Succeeds. Preliminary results of the project are expected in December.
  • And, an Upcoming FAFSA Campaign Holds Promise

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • 18 MPS Traditional High Schools
  • 6+ Choice & Charter Schools
  • 26 Principals and Central Office Staff
  • 300 Senior Level Teachers and Staff
  • 349+ We now are better positioned to have impact with over 3,000 seniors to support FAFSA completion.

Goal Components

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