• Kindergarten Readiness

    Kindergarten Readiness

Quality Early Care & Education

The Quality Early Care & Education Network is dedicated to ensuring that Milwaukee invests in early care and education programs that meet high quality standards and are sustainable and available to all children birth to K-5.

We are promoting the National Coalition of Community Schools’ Linkages model which strengthens the connection between the early care and learning community and grade-level schools.

Through this model:

Child Care Programs receive a combination of supports (including professional development, postsecondary education and technical assistance) to improve their quality and to build career pathways.

Community Schools receive established, trusting relationships with a pipeline of prepared, supported students.

Families experience seamless transition between education systems, community assets and supports.

Children gain the academic supports, social and emotional learning, health and wellness, family and community engagement, and a safe and supportive climate which lay a foundation for success in school and life.

Our Community gains children who enter quality schools prepared to develop a solid foundation of academic and life skills that lead to career pathways and family-sustaining wages that result in a healthy community.

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Wisconsin Early Childhood Association, MATC, and the Milwaukee Public Library (MPL) are working together to support child care programs by offering courses for teachers to earn college credits while learning how to implement teaching practices that stimulate a child’s development. “Through a positive coaching model, teachers can learn to apply theoretical concepts from trainings and coursework in a practical way, shifting their behavior and improving skill sets, which ultimately impacts the children they care for and those who will come after,” says Mary Madigan, Education Specialist at MPL.

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Kindergarten Readiness

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