• Social and emotional learning

    Social and emotional learning

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

All children and youth people are healthy, supported socially & emotionally and contribute responsibly to the success of the Milwaukee community.

Young people face a variety of stressors every day. In a survey conducted by the Goal 4 Network, Milwaukee youth report the most common areas of stress are academic pressure (29%),
peer pressure/drama (28%), and bullying (18%), while acts of violence (30%), drugs (13%) and gangs / fighting (11%) in their neighborhoods are large contributions to stress.

The Goal 4 network thought it would be best to combat these stressors through Social and Emotional Learning. By providing youth with necessary personal or “soft” skills like emotion management, responsible decision making, and social skills, youth can develop building blocks that will enable them to handle any stressors in or out of the academic setting.

Goal 4 is teamed up with fantastic network partners to focus on youth learning and implementing these crucial life skills.

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