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Data and strategy are critical to collective impact. But at the end of the day, we do this work for kids. Storytelling provides us with a way to translate data into something real. The stories below show us what change looks like in the lives of actual kids—including all the challenges, struggles, perseverance, and growth. Some stories talk about breakthrough results; other stories talk about simple victories for one child. These stories motivate us to continue improving until we achieve success for every student in Milwaukee.

If you have a story that you'd like to share about you and your experience with Milwaukee Succeeds, please share your story!

JAMES GAVINS, boys and girls club of greater milwaukee

James speaks about Vanessa, a 12 year old girl who struggles to deal with her emotions and lashes out in the only way she knows how: bad behavior. James describes his conversation with Vanessa, addressing how everyone responds to her bad behavior with consequences instead of speaking with her about what was going on in her life. This made him pay closer attention to the SEL model.

SAHARA ADEN, pearls for teen girls

Growing up, Sahara had to focus more on staying alive than creating goals for herself. She speaks about being depressed, bullied and unfulfilled, which affected her communication skills with others. This all changed once she become a member of PEARLS for Teen Girls where she learned communication skills, leadership, and how to create and develop life goals so she could reach her full potential.

Matthew Prahlow, milwaukee public schools

Matthew speaks about a new second grader that came to his school. Although the boy was in second grade, he was reading at a much lower level. School became overwhelming for him, and because he felt like he couldn’t keep up with the other kids, he started to become disruptive to everyone around him. This quickly changed when the TRI program was introduced to the school. The program made his school work fun and easy so that he could stay on track with school work. With the combination of TRI and extra support, he became confident and was able to improve his reading score dramatically.

Tom Ellis, silver spring neighborhood center

Tom speaks about a 4 year old named Tristan, a resourceful, outspoken little boy that loves to tell Mr. Ellis all about his day every time they see each other. Tom speaks about how special Tristan is because, upon entering the early childhood development center, it was discovered that Tristan was behind developmentally with speech. But, thanks to the high quality care he received, Tristan got back on track. Tom realizes that not every child, especially boys of color, have access to such supports.

Reading Foundation Continuation

A closer look at evidence-based reading strategies, collectively referred to as Transformative Reading Instruction (TRI), to improve third grade reading outcomes for all children in Milwaukee.

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