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    Who we are

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Milwaukee Succeeds--our collective impact, community-wide initiative that unites hundreds of individuals and organizations around a common purpose of improving educational outcomes for every child in every school, cradle to career. Our community’s goals are to improve kindergarten readiness, school readiness and college and career readiness for Milwaukee’s children and youth, and in so doing, focus on improving the social emotional health of our kids.

Our partners are educators, community leaders, philanthropic organizations, business, youth- serving organizations, parents and political leaders. They are committed to using data to tell us what practices achieve the greatest impact, continuously improving how we operate and rapidly and nimbly expanding what works to support learning and life options for our kids. And we are committed to the long term; no short term fix here!

Our Milwaukee Succeeds organization is part of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation (GMF), and reflects the Foundation’s commitment to education, rooted in 100 years of history in the Milwaukee region. Launched by the GMF in 2011, our partnership has shown promising results, particularly in the area of improving 3rd grade reading proficiency.

Milwaukee Succeeds is part of the StriveTogether network of 68 partnerships across 38 states and Washington D.C. which means our local partnership has the added benefit of accessing best practices, tools and insights from around the country as we ensure that the community-wide strategies we implement move the needle for kids.

We designed our website to accomplish 3 things: first, we want to liven it up to be user friendly and inviting to all who work with us or want to learn more about how to get involved. Second, we want to have the data be fresh and accessible in such a way that anybody can get what they need in a more interactive way. And third, we want to brag and celebrate the work on the ground being done every day by our partners! We believe that by building trust and renewing our commitment to our kids, we are truly making a difference and doing it together! Our website is a major tool for communicating how this community commitment is put to action.

On behalf of all of the Milwaukee Succeeds team, thank you community, for all you do to support our children: they deserve nothing less than our best!


Danae D. Davis
Executive Director, Milwaukee Succeeds


Milwaukee Succeeds is a collaborative effort launched in summer 2011 by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Greater Milwaukee Committee, Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, Milwaukee Urban League, United Way of Greater Milwaukee and the Helen Bader Foundation as a way to unite the community around a common goal: bringing about lasting change to the way education works for children in Milwaukee.

Many other organizations have joined the collaboration; and the Northwestern Mutual Foundation, Greater Milwaukee Foundation, the United Way and the Helen Bader Foundation have provided early financial support for Milwaukee Succeeds.


Success for every child, in every school, cradle to career.


Milwaukee Succeeds unites our community around a commitment to support strategies that will achieve our shared vision of success for every child, in every school, cradle to career.

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