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    Kindergarten Readiness

Early Childhood Immunization

To build a stronger, healthier community, the Early Childhood Immunization Network is focused on innovative education, communication, and collaboration to improve and sustain vaccination rates for children aged 19-35 months in the City of Milwaukee to reduce (or protect against) the incidents of vaccine-preventable diseases.

This collaboration of all of Milwaukee’s hospital health systems, federally qualified health clinics and other community partners is working to promote on-time/up-to-date immunizations and reduce missed opportunities for young children.

Milwaukee’s hospital health systems:

  • Children’s Hospital of WI
  • Aurora Health Care
  • Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Columbia St. Mary’s Health System
  • Wheaton Franciscan Health Care

Federally qualified health clinics:

  • Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers
  • Outreach Community Health Centers
  • Milwaukee Health Services, Inc.
  • Progressive Community Health Centers

Through collaboration we are working with the Wisconsin Immunization Program to promote increased training and utilization of the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR), working with health systems to share best practices for vaccinating and decreasing missed opportunities, and promoting data sharing to increase best identify areas of need for improvement.

bright spot

The Milwaukee Succeeds Immunization work group has partnered with the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership (MHCP) to improve immunization rates for young people in Milwaukee. Dr. Lyn Ranta, Director of Physician Affairs at Children’s Hospital, is committed to improving immunization rates for all children, sharing that she and colleagues in the medical community “will help adopt best practices and capitalize on this momentum with our collaboration with Milwaukee Succeeds, MHCP and others who are also invested in this work.” Children’s Hospital achieved a 24-month-old immunization completion rate of 90% in 2016.

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