• Kindergarten Readiness

    Kindergarten Readiness

Parent education & support

The Milwaukee Succeeds Parent Education & Support Network is working to ensure that Milwaukee’s parents of children prenatally to age 5 are knowledgeable and skilled in ways that optimize child development and wellbeing.

Parent-led developmental screening is a beneficial method for educating parents about the developmental growth of their children and a best practice for the early identification of delays and directing children to targeted intervention early to resolve persistent problems.

Only 1/3rd of Milwaukee children get a developmental screen despite evidence that early intervention helps children and offers a 13-fold savings.

Through funding from the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment at Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee is working to dramatically increase the number of developmental screenings completed and build efficiency in the referral and transition to intervention services when necessary.

The project has several aims and related strategies to improve developmental and behavioral health of children:

1) Educate and build capacity of clinicians, childcare centers, and home visitors to expand screening for children under age 6 in the city of Milwaukee by integrating ASQ screening into their practices.

2) Educate and engage parents in understanding and supporting their child’s development.

3) Use value stream mapping to continually improve processes of screening, referral and service.

4) Establish a centralized data hub for feedback to contributing sites and community trend analysis to guide system improvement.

5) Promote private and public policy support to expand screening and behavioral services for children to address unmet needs and disparities.

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