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    School Success

School Success

Our goal

Every child succeeds academically and graduates high school.

why it matters

3rd grade reading and 8th grade math are two key milestones for measuring school success.

Literacy is critical to a child’s academic success, because it is the foundation for all future learning. Until third grade, students learn to read; after that, students read to learn. Third grade reading is also a crucial milestone, because third graders who do not read proficiently are four times more likely to not complete high school than their peers who are proficient readers. This is a particularily pressing issue here in Milwaukee, as 17% of third graders read at a proficient level.

Middle grade math is also critical for student's academic success. StriveTogether indicates that middle grade math "is an important milestone for high school persistence, academic achievement, college attainment, and general preparedness for the workforce. Middle grade mathematics provides both a sense of mathematical and intellectual achievement, as there is a strong link between mathematics curriculum and college enrollment."

Hitting both these milestones significantly increases a student's chances of remaining on-track to graduate high school in four years.


  • 3rd Grade Reading
  • 8th Grade Math
  • High School Completion

Our work towards this goal

In order to move the needle on this issue, we focus on two critical milestones that impact high school graduation:

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