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Every year, we share city and state-wide data to track community progress, coordinate practices, and direct resources to what is proven to work for kids. This is an outcome-based approach, driven by continuous improvement.

To launch Milwaukee Succeeds, the Milwaukee community identified and agreed upon goals, outcomes, and 11 success indicators to improve education for our children. New this year, Milwaukee Succeeds is reporting on 7 core indicators proven to be the most important measures that provide a picture of Milwaukee's educational well-being. Milwaukee Succeeds and our partners are better aligning community resources around what works to improve student outcomes.

The circle chart explains how these indicators - at various levels - align toward our central mission.

Core Indicators: Large-scale levers that need to be moved in order to achieve the cradle to career vision. We report data on these measures to track progress on moving the community-level outcomes.

Contributing Indicators: Smaller-scale levers that we are better able to influence. These indicators are associated with, but are not the direct measure being used to track, progress on improving the community-level outcomes.

Contextual Indicators: Factors that have an impact on educational outcomes independent of what occurs in the classroom (i.e. poverty, racial and ethnic disparities).

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