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Milestone Report

How is Milwaukee faring toward achieving success for every child in the city? Find out through the annual Milestone Report.

Goals & Data


There is no silver bullet that will solve the educational challenges confronting our community. But change can happen, and we are committed to working with partners across all sectors in the community over the long term to achieve the following four goals:

  • All children are prepared to enter school
  • All children succeed academically and graduate prepared for meaningful work and/or college
  • All young people use post-secondary education or training to advance their opportunities beyond high school
  • All children and young people are healthy, supported socially and emotionally, and contribute responsibly to the success of the Milwaukee community

We’ve identified select measurements for each goal to help us determine whether we are making progress. We will continuously track these measurements and report the outcomes to the community. However, the goal is not just to gather the data. We will use it to continuously improve results for our children, by aligning resources and investing in programs that work.